DUO ★ Book Locket Necklace / Jasper Necklace
DUO ★ Book Locket Necklace / Jasper Necklace
DUO ★ Book Locket Necklace / Jasper Necklace
DUO ★ Book Locket Necklace / Jasper Necklace
DUO ★ Book Locket Necklace / Jasper Necklace
DUO ★ Book Locket Necklace / Jasper Necklace

DUO ★ Book Locket Necklace / Jasper Necklace

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  • A modest yet bold duo. 📚Wear it through life's chapters.
  • The Book Locket Necklace features a vintage locket* with floral motif engraving. 
  • the Jasper Necklace features three genuine natural ocean jasper beads** on beautiful ball chain.
  • Ocean jasper is believed by many to channel the healing energy of our oceans.🌊
  • We also love these worn solo for a simpler look.
  • Adjustable slider on both necklaces let you set them to the perfect length.

*this locket is hand polished and 18K gold plated. As it is a vintage item, please know that there may be subtle markings. This is a characteristic feature of the brass.

***as this is natural genuine stone, expect slight variations in shade and pattern from the necklace pictured. a.k.a no two are alike.✌️ 

 For EVEN MORE VALUE, get a Trio.✨


Feature / smart slider allows for custom length
Allergy info /
Material  / 18K gold plated brass (info), genuine jasper stone
Closure / lobster clasp 

Measurements - Book Locket Necklace:

Locket width: 0.63"
Locket length: 0.75"

Chain length: 20" long (adjustable)
Chain width: 1.4mm

Weight: 0.21oz

Measurements - Jasper Necklace:

Chain length: 18" (adjustable)
Chain width: 1.0mm
Bead length: 0.31"
Weight: 0.11oz

Included / Goldscoop Pouch and Soft Cloth

How to care / Keep away from water, moisture, and liquid cosmetics. Especially avoid contact with alcohol based products such as perfume. Whenever you need, use the soft cloth provided (it’s chemical free) to wipe and polish. Store in your Goldscoop Pouch to protect from humidity, dust and oxidation from old jewellery.

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