bfcm mental health fund

It goes without saying that this has been a challenging
year for all of us and everyone deserves to treat themselves
a little bit this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
We believe in the power of little luxuries being able to spark joy
in our everyday lives. But for many, especially those suffering
from serious mental illness, it’s a struggle to find happiness
especially if they are without shelter or support.
Last year, we gave a portion of our profits from BFCM
to a local organization which helps individuals who are
in need of food support.
As someone who has struggled with mental illness,
it is important for me to give back so that others with mental illness
have the chance to recover and lead happier lives.
This BFCM we are continuing our initiative and will be giving
20% of each order to Eli’s Place.
Eli’s Place will be a rural, residential long-term treatment centre
for young adults with serious mental illness. Their therapeutic community
promotes recovery and resilience through the acquisition
of life and work skills. Their vision is to go from mental illness
to hopeful futures.
To learn more, visit