Layering Necklaces: 5 Easy Steps for That Cool Effortless Look

written by Karishma Porwal  |   Updated 07/29/2020

Layering is a classic jewelry trend that is here to stay. When it comes to necklaces, “less is more” doesn’t always apply. Dainty necklaces are deliciously versatile – you can wear a minimalistic look by wearing one on its own, but by layering you can dress up a simple outfit. Here’s how to layer like a pro:

Wear Necklaces of Different Lengths

When layering two or more necklaces, make sure they are of different lengths. This ensures that the pendant on each necklace sits separately, giving each unique design the attention it deserves. Buying necklaces with adjustable lengths (like the super easy to slide ones at Goldscoop!) gives you a world of combinations to play around with.

Add a Pop of Colour

Though you want to match the colour of the metal, don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour to your layers. You could match it to your outfit, your accessories, or even your makeup. Try a jewelled pendant or even a cute charm to add some personality. 

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Wear Complementary Metals 

While wearing necklaces of different lengths can add some variety, you’ll want to make sure they are all the same colour or complementary colours to ensure consistency and to avoid distracting from each unique design. So, if you’re planning on wearing a gold, silver, or rose gold necklace, make sure that the other necklaces you're wearing will blend nicely with these and limit yourself to two metals to avoid having too much going on.

Wear a V-Neck Top

Though the layered necklace look is super flexible (it’ll look amazing with your turtleneck too!), it looks best with a top with a v-neckline because framing them with a v-neck gives the illusion of a longer neck. If you don’t have a v-neck top, you can always leave a few buttons open on your favourite blouse, or wear a u-neck or scoop neck top. The goal is to avoid interrupting the necklace layers and keep them from falling behind your shirt while also elongating your neck.

Experiment With Shapes

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes. Combine bar necklaces with some geometric shapes or pair some round shapes with dainty pearl necklaces for a more ethereal look. Of course, you can always match it to the aesthetic of your outfit!

Ultimately it's all about keeping your chains in harmony while adding in little details that create a unique and fun touch. Now you’re ready to crack open that jewelry box, buy some matching pieces and layer your way to a chic, new look.
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